Vijayshree Golden Incense Cones exporter in India

Incense cones were a staple of Hindu rituals and customs from the time of ancient times. They've been a component of the human experience and rituals for hundreds of years. Due to the challenging times caused by COVID, we are all living a lot of time at home. The lack of connection has brought us into a world filled with challenges, and in these conditions, we all need an inner connection to God and inspiration to relax our soul and mind.

Dhoop cones also called incense cones in Hindi are among the most effective aromatherapy products available in India which have become increasingly popular. Due to the spread of the disease and the advantages of traditional incense aromatherapy products made from organic material have become a necessity for a few of us. At Megha Aromatics we create organic aromatherapy products that disperse fresh aromas in the air. They are also made with recycled flowers taken from temples. These incense cones that are made of natural materials are beneficial when doing yoga or meditation practices. not just that, these luxurious incense cones are able to lift spirits, but provide a peaceful and tranquil ambience to breathe.

Organic incense cones from our range are loved by people of all ages , from the younger generation to the older ones. The dhoop cones are 100% charcoal-free and are coated in natural essential oils which distinguish them from toxic aromatherapy products. The flowers that are thrown away in the sacred river of India are harvested and utilized to create the finest aromatherapy products, so it is possible for the earth to be preserved and the faith of the people is protected. The best dhoop cones are created by women who come who are from lower-income groups of society, which gives them a sense of empowerment when they can earn a living.

A list of the incense sticks accessible at Megha Aromatics: