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Vijayshree Golden Incense Sticks Exporter in India

We are the exclusive exporter of Vijayshree Golden incense sticks, established more than 70 years ago under the company name Megha Aromatics based in New Delhi. Megha Aromatics is a specialized trade and marketing firm for exports in India. We are the only distributor and exporter of Vijayshree Golden Series in India.

We are the world's largest incense company, boasting more than half a century of expertise behind our company. Our specialization lies in understanding and meeting our valued customer's demands regarding the quality of the incense, the packaging, fragrance, etc...

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What is an Incense Stick? Hindi word for incense sticks is Agarbatti. These are natural fresheners that are made from traditional ingredients and are burned to release fragrant aromas. These natural sticks are made from Ayurvedic ingredients that have been around for centuries. It is used in many religious and spiritual rituals around the globe.

What are the ingredients for making incense sticks?

Incense sticks made in India are made with traditional ayurvedic ingredients. Megha Aromatics is India's top incense stick exporter. Recycled temple flowers are used to make our natural sticks. They are then thrown in holy rivers. All-natural sticks are dipped with organic essential oils, making them ideal for the environment.

Relax your mind and revive your body with the soothing natural scents. You can choose from 6 different natural scents for your agarbatti. Each year, we recycle tons of temple flowers to give them a new lease of life as wellness products. These products are perfect for Pooja and Yoga, Meditation, or simply relaxing on Sunday mornings.

Burning incense sticks benefits In India, incense sticks are considered auspicious for certain festivals. There are many benefits to aromatherapy from using incense sticks. You can't help but feel the positive energy, whether you want to aromatize your whole home or just meditate.

1. For fresh, aromatic air
Incense sticks give off a fresh, recharging aroma when they are burned. The scents it releases quickly replace unpleasant odors in the home. They can be used as a natural freshener and have a wonderful fragrance that instantly lifts your mood.

2. Reduces tension and stress
Incense sticks are a great way to reduce stress and tension. Many spiritual leaders love it. It reduces anxiety and slows the heart rate, which leads to a calmer disposition. After a session, people who use incense often experience positive energy. It can help to dissolve emotional blocks and increase happiness.

3. Encourages creativity
Creative thinking is stimulated by the use of fragrances like patchouli, lavender, forestwood, jasmine, and rose. You can enjoy writing or painting by simply lighting an incense stick. Incense sticks can improve cognitive functions and increase mental awareness. We are incense-sticks exporter in India. Our fragrances are natural and organic, so you can enjoy them while you indulge in art. These sticks are designed to stimulate and enhance new ideas.

4. Increases sleep quality
One of the most popular meditation practices is to light candles to calm the mind. This helps you relax and get to sleep. Burning incense sticks at your home can help ease stress and allow you to sleep well.

5. Feel fresh throughout the day
A natural incense stick emits smoke that is not polluting the environment. We make agarbatti at Vijayshree that are 100% organic, charcoal-free and handcrafted with love and care. Our sandalwood incense sticks are made naturally and have a fresh, invigorating smell. This aroma acts as an air freshener. This incense can be used to start your day by lighting it. You will feel refreshed throughout the day.

6. Reducing tension and improving mood Incense sticks can be used as a natural stress relief. Our patchouli sticks contain vital ingredients. Patchouli incense is one with an exotic, warm aroma. It soothes stressed nerves and gives you a sense of satisfaction. You will feel safe and secure in the enchantment of the smoke. It can be used to boost your mood and energy during stressful times.

Megha Aromatics Incense Sticks

By reusing sacred temple flowers, we make Vijayshree Golden incense sticks by dipping them into natural essential oils.

What makes our sticks different from others?

  • 100% organic
  • Charcoal is not allowed
  • Made with love
  • Recycled temple flowers
  • Hand-dipped with natural essential oils
  • Scents that are both invigorating and therapeutic
  • Non-pollutant smoke

All of our products are made by women from less fortunate sections of society. Empowerment and environment are two sides of the same coin at our company. The women not only earn extra money, but they also bring positivity and goodwill to the temples.

Our three pillars, which make us one of India's top incense stick manufacturers and exporter, are temple waste management, women empowerment and cleaning the rivers. This is the core of our company.

Our mission is to eliminate religious waste from our country. We are collecting rose petals and other floral fragrances that have long since passed to make an assortment of handmade and organic incense products.